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There is no exact answer to this, a lot depends on the website itself. A simple introductory page can be put together quickly, but a complex custom system or an online store takes longer. Good work takes time.
Again, it just depends on the needs, but we always strive to provide quality at a good price.
Introductory website, web store, news portal, social site, corporate governance system, project management system, browser game (simple), blog, Simple payment integration, QR code based ticket reader and management system, content management system, warehouse software, security software and much more ...
Every website or web application has a different hardware requirement. For a simple introductory website or blog one storage should be enough.However, for a web store or a high-traffic site it is recommended to rent a virtual server . We help you assess your website needs and select the most cost-effective solution
Creating backups and storing them securely, security scanning, updating software, creating and keeping content up to date, setting up an SSL certificate, in case of a technical error, we will fix the problem as soon as possible